Don’t Live in the US? Please Read BEFORE Joining DS Domination

If you do not live in the US, yes you can still join DS Domination and do really well.

We have people in Australia, New Zealand, UK, Europe – all at different levels and determined to be successful from applying the DSD training.

If drop shipping on eBay is not your thing – try our FBA Step-by-Step Business: INFINii is the parent company of DSD and the Springboard FBA co-op’s are perfect for international members.

Before you ask – yes Drop Shipping is legal and permitted by eBay, don’t believe the rubbish rumours that are being spread by people in other companies (that wish they HAD joined DSD) see – for proof.DS Domination eBay drop shipping business

But you must be aware of the restrictions that eBay places on new International sellers.

From eBay’s Help pages:

When you trade internationally, you need to verify that you’re following all laws in other countries, which can differ from laws in your own country.

To sell internationally, you need to:

  • Have an eBay account in good standing.
  • Have a PayPal account and be PayPal Verified.
  • Have at least 10 Feedback points earned as a seller.
  • Have had your first successful sale more than 90 days ago.
  • Meet the selling requirements of the sites where you want your listings to appear.

If you have an existing eBay account, and have at least 10 feedbacks as a seller, then you should be good to go on

If you have an existing eBay account but not sure if you qualify as a seller – simply ring eBay and ask them what restrictions you have.

Some international people have had no restrictions – others do. Ebay are very strange with their rules – all calls go through a call centre and it depends on who picks up the phone 🙂

So if you get a 90 day restriction, what now?

It’s not the end of the world even though it can be frustrating. Think of it as a 90 day learning curve. Use the time to practice listing on your local eBay.

For example if you need to reach 10 feedbacks you can do can list:

  • Items from around your home, or your family, friends, neighbours etc.
  • Cheap items from the markets
  • Stamps – these go really quickly but you won’t make a profit
  • Find a reliable local supplier, either offline or online, to drop ship from. (Ask us for some proven suppliers in Australia)

So you may not be able to use Amazon as a supplier, but once you start looking, you can find profitable items everywhere – just follow the training and connect with your upline for ideas.

Whatever you do – DO NOT LIST ITEMS FROM AMAZON.COM onto – the shipping will be horrendous, returns and faulty items are a pain and there is absolutely no profit in it. is purely for digital products.

In the Elite training, several reputable suppliers in the UK are covered. We also teach methods to profit from your local eBay – wherever you are. (Ask your upline for a link to the international training video)

Study the training, attend every live training and by the time your 90 days is up, you will be an expert!

DS Domination eBay Expert

Other things to think about:

The exchange rate may effect profits, always use a profit calculator before listing an item and ideally use an international debit card to pay for purchases.

PayPal will place restrictions on new seller’s also. This means that your funds from selling on eBay will not be available instantly until:

  • 90 or fewer days have passed since your first sale, or
  • You’ve made 25 or fewer sales, or
  • You’ve made $250 USD or less in total sales

Please read this advice from PayPal:

In the DSD training, we show you how you can get your funds released from PayPal a lot quicker – less than 7 days. And of course after 90 days as a successful eBay seller, you will be out of ‘PayPal Jail’.

Some suppliers offer cashback rewards which are only available to US and international people – depending on the site.

DS Domination will exist for as long as eBay is around – and with the new Genesis FBA selling (Fulfilment by Amazon) DS Domination is getting better and better!

DS Domination Will Be Around for a Long Time

If you love the company – why not spend your 90 days by promoting it? To be an affiliate costs $9.95 per month, see more info.

But as you know, your success in DSD is not dependent on how many people you can recruit – your success depends on YOU!

  • How much time per day can you dedicate to your business?
  • How many listings per day do you aim to put up?
  • Are you following the training correctly?
  • How many live training webinars have you attended?
  • Have you connected with the rest of the DSD community for encouragement and support?

If you understand the above and are ready to get started – we would love to have you on our team!

Motivated, long-term thinkers are the most successful in this business. Here is the link to join our team:

This is NOT a get rich overnight, do-nothing-business, ponzi, cycler, get paid daily, online auction, revenue share or traditional product based MLM business. There is nothing like DS Domination anywhere (though many copy cat businesses are popping up all over the place). Please watch this video to find out why DS Domination will not fail, and the REAL reason why people fail in network marketing –

For more information on the Genesis training (FBA – Fulfilment by Amazon) watch this video: With FBA training, we can purchase from China or US wholesale companies and get items shipped in to Amazon’s fulfilment centres.

We have 3 not-so-secret weapons – Kevin Hokoana, Hitesh Juneja & Jason Rose that ensures no other company will even come close to the combined eBay and affiliate marketing experience and leadership skills that these 3 guys have.

The company culture is fantastic and comes right down from the top. We have never had such great uplines in a business before – EVER or experienced such genuine support and help from the whole DS Domination community – upline, downline or crosslines – everyone is DSD family!

Want testimonials? Read them here: or watch some here:

Join our DS Domination team with Merrin RobinsonWatch a free DSD webinar recording

Please connect with me personally if you have questions that have not been covered:

Hope to see you on the team!

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