Are you growing your DSD business every day?

Are you growing your DSD business every day?

This is a message for all existing DSD members – who joined with us or someone else, and for those are thinking about joining DS Domination for $20.

Don’t make the mistake of staying at the Pro level for more than a month IF you have at least made your initial investment back!

The $20 Pro level is to PROVE the system works, the more advanced levels is where the REAL profits are.

I don’t very often push members to upgrade – but I am seeing too many people stay at the Pro level when they could be growing their DSD business and reaching their goals faster!

I heard a rumor that the Pro level MAY be going away or at least increasing in price. Now is the time to decide if DSD is not for you, (it’s not for everyone, I know that) or you commit to your business by making a 12 month plan to grow it each day and move up the ranks.

If you are at the Pro level now and have been for some time, IDP is your goal. IDP stands for Instant Domination Package and includes Pro, Elite, Supremacy & Affiliate memberships for one price. You will get access to our advanced Facebook group and training website and if you apply the training you WILL increase your profits.

Remember, you can earn money in DSD without recruiting, you don’t need to ever share your link or recruit family and friends. The amount you earn in your DSD business depends on YOU and the time you put in.

Exciting things are coming up in the world of DSD, you are in and upwards or out?

Join at Pro here:

Always be learning….invest in yourself and reach your goals quicker!

Merrin ♥♥♥ds-domination-dsd-growing

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