INFINii Local Events Update – Dallas, Tampa, Atlanta and Europe

About 2 weeks ago INFINii announced the first set of local events. Obviously, the events are something completely different from what you’d see elsewhere. Because at INFINii Events, attendees actually get to make money LIVE with our team of experts! (You make money at our events, not lose weight or look younger….sorry!)

So the corporate team planned out a couple of events, but then things went a bit haywire. The company got hammered by the international teams – everyone is so excited about INFINii internationally it’s unbelievable. INFINii is taking over the world!

So the corporate team sat down, made some calls and got some things figured out. They have now scheduled events in Germany, Poland, Spain, Austria…it’s insane the demand and growth we are seeing world over! Meanwhile, the core members in U.S. continue growing us to incredible levels (and watch what happens after March 10th!).

infinii european tour

Thanks to team member and our Spanish leader Virginia Franqui for this graphic!

So to accommodate all of this growth here’s what the company is doing. First off, there are now multiple events scheduled in the U.S. The next three being:

  • Dallas: EEC Local Event – March 12~13, 2016
  • Tampa: EEC Local Event – May 7, 2016
  • Atlanta: EEC Local Event – May 21~22, 2016

Tickets and details for Tampa & Atlanta will be available on March 7th. Be sure to follow, and Like, the official INFINii Facebook page to receive the news as it’s announced.

To see what happens at INFINii events (it’s not just rah-rah typical MLM stuff), watch this:

In addition to this, the official GLOBAL grand opening launch event will be held in Dallas this June (details to be announced end of March).

If you have Spanish speaking or EU teams – there will be dedicated events for each location scheduled and ready to go throughout the month of April. These details will be shared on the Spanish and International Webinars over the coming 2 weeks!

infinii event merrin orlando

Merrin on the shrink wrapper at the Orlando event.

infinii shopping amazon fba georeg merrin

Not all of these boxes are ours….

INFINii Australia Team

INFINii Team Australia representing at the US event!

We personally attended the INFINii launch event in Orlando in October 2015 and took advantage of the live shopping for profits training with Nikki & Parrish Witherspoon – our Corporate shopping experts! Learning how to shop, scan, pack, wrap and label our purchases to send into Amazon was extremely easy to do with the help of the experts that were on-hand.

Contact us if you are interested in learning more!

Partnering up with the experts in e-Commerce training and having a trusted community support of thousands of successful eCom-preneurs across the globe is a sure way to reach your income goals faster than starting any other business in 2016. The INFINii eCom Ninjaz team of experienced and supportive e-Commerce professionals are here and waiting to help you get started today!


eCom Ninjaz Team Leaders George & Merrin Robinson with the INFINii company owners Kevin Hokoana and Hitesh Juneja.

To learn more about INFINii or to get started with our very already successful team, simply click on the button below!


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